Sailor Moon Crystal - Inner Senshi Transformations (x)

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    Please stop by our fellow artists booths at the @sandiegocomiccon and visit the art show in the Sails Pavilion 3rd floor. #sdcc #moonies #sandiegocomiccon #sandiego #sandiegoconventioncenter #con #sailormoon #comiccon #comics (at San Diego Comic Con International 2014)


    Fall 2011 READY-TO-WEAR
    Salvatore Ferragamo

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    fat person walks in the room and all of a sudden every skinny motherfucker within a 5-mile radius is a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, and personal trainer with something to say


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    Look at Fifty Shades Of Grey's knot.

    Now look at my knot.

    Now back at FSoG.  Now back at me.

    This is the knot your knot could look like if you bothered to ask actual BDSM players, or hell, even their YouTube channels, before making a movie supposedly about BDSM.  I’m not a rope top and I did that one-handed.

    I’m on a horse.

    The thing where they justify abuse by saying “it’s BDSM, of course it’s sick and wrong” is still a bigger problem though.

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